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Jon Andersson

Jon Andersson

Am no longer available for assignments! I will help out a Retail company replace their ERP solution as the Customer Project Manager, ensuring core workflows are working and key GAPs are identified and mitigated.


Tom Broka

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Grady Grady

Jon Andersson

Jon Andersson

Available for new Assignment

May the Fourth be with you! :) As of the 4th of May, I'm available for new assignments. Full time as well as part time. If you need a facilitator, project manager or interim manager, reach out and let's figure out how how I can help you save money by...Show more


Jon Andersson

Jon Andersson

yenoM e is Jon Andersson

I'm an experienced Project and Program Manager, seeking knowledge everywhere I can find it. I'm currently helping out a large automotive company in their journey rolling out and figuring out how to use Office 365.


Jon Andersson

Jon Andersson

VerktyGO will attend Sweden Demo Day

Sweden Demo Day 4TH APRIL 2019 Sweden Demo Day is the largest and most spectacular un-conference for startups, investors and corporates in the digital realms. Clear your schedule for Sweden Demo Day! On April 4th we will gather over 3000 entrepreneurs...Show more


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